What Are These Little Awesome Places We Found In The Woods? (2014-2015)



Sometimes the things we find are not big enough (or generate enough good pics) to warrant an entire post of their own. For these ones, we have chosen to put them together in one post containing several, smaller galleries.

So here you go: Some of the awesome little places we have found over the years of 2014 and 2015. Can you help us identify what they have once been used for?

What is this round structure? What has it been? Any clues? At least it has spiders and some really neat graffiti inside – and a problematic floor.

These concrete giants are just standing in the middle of the woods, pretty close to the highway. Can you tell us what they are? Because we sure don’t have a clue. They pose pretty nice climbing towers, though.

III. & IV.
Hey, here are two places in one gallery. Isn’t that cheating? Well, perhaps. The first one seems to be some kind of central for electricity (or this or that), while the second one definitely is a stone castle plucked directly from a fairytale. Or do you have a better suggestion? Feel free to comment – we’re dying to know what this is!



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