Blub Berlin: The Abandoned Water Park (2015)

This is perhaps the craziest place we’ve come upon so far. It is said that once upon a time (yeah, we’re talking about the 90:s) Blub Berlin was the place to be for anyone who was looking for a badass water park experience, and we have no problem believing that; this former bathing paradise definitely seems to have had it all. Cool glass towers, huge pool areas, awesome greenery, bars, spa:s, Turkish saunas, slides, bubble pools, labyrinthine floors and corridors… In short, it was probably pretty awesome in its heyday.

Thing is,  though, it is still pretty damn awesome. All those cool things are still there, they have just… evolved. Into ghostly backdrops for the perfect horror movie – or a weird, innovative reboot of Mad Max. Getting lost here is not hard, and we thoughtfully avoided the darkest floors and levels from respect for the people who probably live here.

During the whole visit we were entirely amazed and awestruck. Our main camera was also shocked – so such actually, that its battery died halfway through the adventure. Thank Cthulhu, then, for cellphone cameras.



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