The Ghost of a Mining Town (2017)

This is one of our favourite places and we have (and will) returned here many times. Once a thriving mining town, the place is now more reminiscent of a sleeping ghost town.

The parts of it depicted here are traces from the long past mining era. The ground underneath the previous center of town became so damaged by the digging that it became unstable and dangerous. Therefore, the whole town center has to be moved half a kilometer away.

The buildings that still stand in the abandoned zones are damaged beyond rescue and will probably sink into the ground without warning before long. Deep fissures run through the woods and people are warned not to tread outside the safe areas by tall fences.

At the end of the gallery you’ll be able to see some of the houses built for the miners in the past. These houses were abandoned when the industry closed down some forty years ago, and they have not fared well in their solitude. The whole street reeks of mold. Recently, however, enthusiasts have started renovating these houses. Hopefully they will be able top restore them to their former homely state.

When walking through the abandoned parts of this town, however, it is still possible to imagine the place in its glory day – with machines buzzing and people swarming around their work places to fulfill their parts in the mining process. We hope that looking at the pictures, you’ll be able to imagine it as well.


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